“Killing Time” In Road Trip Style

Beautiful ❤️ I love traveling and blog writing! But I really love this blog in the pictures are phenomenal especially the one of the little book nook❤️💎🤟

Snippets of a Traveling Mind

“ I deny the fact that when I kill time, time is actually killing me.” (Eric Gamalinda )

I often find that “killing time” productively combined with some timely, “small talk” effort provides a nice combination for experiencing new places in road trip travel. For while I tend to stoically dawdle and thus prefer to slowly feel my way around, my wife Ruth normally takes up the slack by becoming the bold social conversationalist with strangers during these uncertain location times. But in spite of our contradictory styles of travel behavior, we both seem to live our lives in the present in doing what we do best for our travels.

Let’s imagine, for example, how we might typically allot our time during a brief morning walk along a lesser visited hiking route we’ve chosen to explore along the Grand Canyon of Arizona. For as we trek perilously close to the South…

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