How I found My Muchness

An epic epoch by Nikki Payne

Dedicated to my children

Who will probably never understand me however I am sure will understand portions of Love’s written Word.

For they each share my heart, my stubbornness, and their own parts in the finding of My Muchness.

Sabastian, Two, Season, and Nova.

Thank you all for your many lessons in my own eternal growing of Self.

Relationships Matter – Paraphrasing a Poem, ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling, please treat 3DLife and 3DDeath as “…the imposters they are…” because ALL is Impermanent; ergo, when The Body Dies The SOM Remains, SOMB, Rhymes with WOMB, Being Soul Observer Mind Body

Originally posted on Relationship Insights by Yernasia Quorelios:
Evolve ℹ Approximately About 3 Minutes Reading ℹ ON D.I.R.T.Y PERSPECTIVE 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎 💎 Disgusting💎 InAppropriate💎 Revolting💎 Terrible💎 YUCK!!! 🤮 …is it Nature or Nurture that We Perceive ‘DIRTY!!!’ Things in These Non-Exhaustive Ways EveryOne; for example why does an ex Go from…


Happy Birthday Two… 28 years today ive been visiting subatomic spaces and enjoying being your mother. Thank you for all your love son i love you beyond space and time in this “House that Built Me”. Ho’oponopono 💚

To my mentor

Originally posted on The flower:
waiting for you is the thing I can doloving you Is the only thing I can dofor you I am willing to do anythingwishing for you is the thing I can do you teach me, you are my mentorare you willing to keep teaching meI am writing and keeping you…

Before we manage is mirrored by reality so is overall decline of why unnatural takes place why we suffer in reality..

Originally posted on Autoimmune-ptsd-stress-anxiety-depression-fibromyalgia-ms-wellbeing-natural-sleep.. :
How we save ourself from ourselves is equally as important as saving the planet from ourselves.. Because how recreated our worlds unnatural activity is actually mirrored in how we unnaturally develop how human body manages itself.. Before we manage ourselves is actually mirrored by reality so is overall decline of why…

This Day

I have running water! Soon Ill take a hot shower Here, in this place My space 95% clean, organized And NikkiFyed… A month ago Poison, rage, fear And overwhelming sadness PreSided Today… This Day Divine Assistance is Divine Tomorrow… I will reMember This day Joyfilled , Comfortable Grateful Ho’oponopono

How I found My MuchnessAn Epic EpochBy: Nikki Payne9/18/2020 (entirety)

How I found My Muchness An Epic Epoch By Nikki PayneHow I found My MuchnessAn Epic EpochBy: Nikki Payne9/18/2020 (entiretyHow I found My MuchnessAn Epic EpochBy: Nikki Payne9/18/2020October 11, 2020How I found My Muchness An Epic Epoch By: Nikki Payne9/18/2020 DedicationDedicated to my children, who will probably never understand me, however, I am sure willContinue reading “How I found My MuchnessAn Epic EpochBy: Nikki Payne9/18/2020 (entirety)”


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