How I found My Muchness

An epic epoch by Nikki Payne

Dedicated to my children

Who will probably never understand me however I am sure will understand portions of Love’s written Word.

For they each share my heart, my stubbornness, and their own parts in the finding of My Muchness.

Sabastian, Two, Season, and Nova.

Thank you all for your many lessons in my own eternal growing of Self.

Still I

Yay I finally got to be of service today you wouldn’t believe all the bullshit I went through just to get to be of service to others in need it’s crazy when the need is so great and so visible all the things that would try to keep me from being of service so sillyContinue reading “Still I”

I didn’t today

I didn’t today and although I was offered I didn’t today I said no I didn’t today I didn’t even want to I didn’t today I was offered though I have new eyes and which I see things that others I guess can’t see yet I didn’t today although I was offered I didn’t andContinue reading “I didn’t today”

The River kills

If I went down to the river to pray there came a big old flood today it killed some innocence and left others on the fence but I’m reminded between the Earth and the Sun No more fighting for we have won work to good works it’s all it’s left to say I went downContinue reading “The River kills”

Worst first case meeting scenario dating or some shit like that my big brother says

I smell like piss I just take a shit on the side of the road I don’t have a toothbrush and I’m going to God’s house lol fortunately it’s on goddess it’s land and well I also know I’m loved and appearances unfortunately smells don’t matter well unless of course you keep it up everyContinue reading “Worst first case meeting scenario dating or some shit like that my big brother says”


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