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जरूरत / Need

Originally posted on Kaushal Kishore:
ऊपर उठते समयपेश आना चाहिए अदब सेसबके साथ,क्योंकि नीचे आने के लिएजरूरत पड़ती हैउन्हीं लोगो की… 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀 While going up,all should be treatedwith respect,because the same peopleare neededto come down… –Kaushal Kishore


Oxford online definition mox·ie:/ˈmäksē/Learn to pronouncenounINFORMAL•NORTH AMERICANnoun: moxie; noun: moxyforce of character, determination, or nerve. Webster online definition courage, determination: energy, pep. woke up full of moxie. : courage, determination ; energy, pep ; 2 · courage, determination ; 3 · know-how.

Quote by MaMa(pronounced MawMaw)

Well sitting outside enjoying the sun together we see lots of police officers going by it is very apparent that they are looking for someone particular as me and Mama have a conversation about running away from things as she heads in the house she says “no brain no pain” and I get it… WordsContinue reading “Quote by MaMa(pronounced MawMaw)”