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If you think it’ll protect me

Something Complicated


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Where Dusty Hurricanes Commit Crime
“You don’t understand! I didn’t do anything wrong!” the little blonde wailed, looking to both sides in vain for someone, anyone who might help her out of this. Her mother continued pushing her down, and she struggled, pulling against her arms as hard as she could, but that was proving fruitless too. She looked back up at her mother and cried even harder, trying to wriggle free once more. “Please, Mother! Please stop!”
The woman shook her head, glaring down at the girl with disgust and anger. “Stop being such a brat,” she growled. “It’s time you got your punishment, now hush up.” She grabbed a fistful of the child’s hair and yanked it so hard, her scalp smarted from the pressure. As she yanked her head backwards, the child tried desperately to escape…

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