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I guess I got a little distracted

Prepare the tummy… The knots are coming! SUCH A GREAT READ!

Something Complicated


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When Healthy Turtles Hunt Bears,
the first thing you should know is that it was a mistake. Because the whole point of this was to learn about hunting and being safe while doing so. A lot of people are looking forward to it too. But I’m not really sure what I mean when I say ‘a big, bad bear is coming for me’ because there is no such thing as a big, bad bear in real life. So yeah, there’s no reason to fear that. I just wanted to say something in my defense before anyone else did. Just thought this one out. Thanks!
Chapter 2
First Rule of
is: Don’t
Go Hunting
And then…
“Hm?” He looked up at his brother’s worried face, having been deep in conversation with Raph. “What’s wrong?”
He shrugged…

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