Unlock your quantum potential in this game called life.

When i move, you move, just like that… Some singer once said…

OshoLeela - The existential drama (和尚 遊ぶ, 阿闍黎 玩)

From FB Page : You are another me.

If you are, then the invisible force is being expressed through you! Call it existence or consciousness and you can even see it!

This picture is about the invisible waves that we cannot see from our eyes, but if we are experiencing output from these gadgets. So it is a proof that they are working and invisible waves become visible through them. This is how formless expresses itself through forms.

Same is with us, with nature around us and with things around us. If we can feel them, observe them, or if they are growing or moving etc then it is sure that there is an invisible force behind them.

When I see myself into mirror then actually I am able to see that invisible energy which is being expressed through me. That infinite source or existence or consciousness or reality or…

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