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Finding What’s True

Total mind opener I’m going to have to reread this again I call it my assistance team to encourage me I’m very interested in this thank you so very much for bringing awareness

Pam Moore Gainer

When I was eleven years old, my mom attended my seventh grade open house. My English teacher said something like this, “Pam just seems so much more mature than the rest of the kids, so much more put together.” I remember my mom telling me this. Well, I think she told me. Maybe I just overheard her telling someone else. Either way, it stayed with me. It seemed like a good thing. Pleasing my teachers was top priority for me as a painfully shy, scared, confused kid trying to get through school. But this was also damn confusing because it didn’t feel true. My inside experience was something much different. My teacher thinks I’m put together but I feel like I’m falling apart. How is that even possible? I guess it’s a good thing. Outside me is what matters.

But this way of being in the world started earlier than…

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