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The stranger shakes his head


Something Complicated


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“Today is the fourth day since I set off.” The old traveler stares at me. His cold gaze sends chills down my spine, I can’t help but stare back.
“Today is the fourth. See, there were countless days in my journey, but I only count four.” The old man continues, pointing his callous finger in some direction, “the first day I was born. The second day, I met a squirrel. The third day, I burned my house. The fourth day, I reached my destination.”
“I know you’re looking for a new beginning. A glorious path to a legendary adventure. But do you know how your story ends?” He pauses to pass me his beer as he says this.
“After all, we’re all heading to our ends.” And with that, he starts walking away. Leaving me behind once again, and…

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