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I’m here, don’t worry!

Moving… Stunningly moving….

Something Complicated


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A runaway car came hurtling towards me. “It must be him…” My world blacked out before I could think anything more. The next time I opened my eyes, I found myself on the edge of an ice-made bridge. The ferocious water roared under the bridge, emitting a suffocating stench. “Hi”, a hoarse woman’s voice comes from somewhere. I turned around back and forth, trying to find where it came from, but had no clue. “Drink this, my little girl, drink this and you will be relieved,” the sound kept going. The chilling air from the water made me shiver uncontrollably. “Who are you? Where am I?” I shouted with all my strength, but I couldn’t even make a sound. “Drink it… Drink it…” The sound sounded closer this time. A crocodile popped up from the roaring water with a…

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I AM Mee... I CHOOSE TO BE... Giggle Giggle 🥰

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