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Something Long And Complicated

I could have one more birthday I guess I’ll make one heck of a wish 🤟🌍🌬️🌱

Something Complicated


Regents Canal

look out the end of the world is coming. this might be a warning from some god or other. maybe even the president himself. but it’s more like a prediction. you see, people are getting sick and dying every day, and if we wait much longer it could become a pandemic.
The End Of The World: A prophecy that will come true at the end of the world as we know it. I guess I’m not really good at explaining it so just watch the TV.
The Fall Of Humanity: the world was created in three parts; earth, sun, and moon. now that it’s time to destroy everything on earth, what will happen? will they destroy everything on earth before it can be destroyed? I’d say so. because the last one is a pretty bad bet.
The End Of The World, A Day In March: December 2nd…

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