If you can’t yell in church where can you yell

To the lady who was pissed cuz she had to leave her air conditioning to walk across the parking lot into the church and use her very own hands to pull up things online that my phone’s lack of service would not allow me to do thank you for showing me that I am courageous and brave thank you for showing me that I will stand up in a very human way with all politeness and courtesies of course and yell at church how she has been treating me since the moment she later eyes on me I’m not going to lie so a good one she agreed and she know that she had but she had no sorrow no repentance in her heart Voice or face she only wanted to be seen as someone who wouldn’t mind saying that she had done these things and then attempting to act like she was still trying to help me me being me and immaculate source speaking constantly in my air reminded me to speak up on this as well which I did she offered to help me finish anyways and then I denied her and told her I would come back when the people who I spoke to already would be there and be so kind as to help me as I walked several feet away and she said my name is so kindly as I’ve heard my mother doing a million times and still not mean it this I know will turn around with all the love in my heart put my hand up in the stop position and told her it is I who would go and pray for her now but only slightly because we were in God’s house I’m pretty sure everybody saw that needs to see and we’ll handle it accordingly I trust in that as well came down the road a short ways Annette a Divine couple who’ve been married since they were 15 and going on something like 30 years now 35 years where I was able to let my dogs run free do some laundry take a shower have great conversation and remind me again of the love I know I’ll find maybe here in Kentucky This Love of mine where no more will it just be me and my dogs it will be us an our dogs I’m excited for that I’m excited to travel and show the world love with another and our dogs our loves light

Published by NikkiHealsPayne

I AM Mee... I CHOOSE TO BE... Giggle Giggle 🥰

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