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Along crazy series of fortunate events

Finally someone said yes I can lend my hand tomorrow to help clean up this mess You wouldn’t believe all the silly things that even led me here Samaritans purse what a crazy name for something we hold so dear I’m grateful I’m beyond grateful reeling full of love and hope again and slightly fearful that I may finally see what is my sin have yet to find one of my own only human in the flesh but I know that starting tomorrow I’ll continue to be blessed I’m never needed for a thing and I’ve always found the way I’m so grateful for everything leading me up to this moment today and I leave the way open for gratitude tomorrow for oh so many things to lend my hand in this tragedy as a miraculous thing


Published by NikkiHealsPayne

I AM Mee... I CHOOSE TO BE... Giggle Giggle šŸ„°

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