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the positive person has to become articulate-Osho

Express Your Self🥰🙏🥰

Philosia - The existential drama

After experiencing the consciousnesses and seeing the expanding universe from it last month, i too need to become somewhat more articulate as this is the need of the hour dear friends, and I must do it at the cost of my life.


“For the new humanity, millions of changes are going to happen. One of the most major changes will be that the positive person has to become articulate. He has to say to the world what he is experiencing, without any fear, without any embarrassment…

The people in the world are in immense need of a few articulate, positive, assertive individuals. Not only their words will be helpful, but their presence – because their words can only be supported by their presence, by their actions, by their responses. There is no other kind of evidence. If people see that you…

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