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Not Quite a Short Thought

Marla's World

How does any of this make sense: you can’t concentrate because you’re hungry, so you eat; you can’t concentrate because you’re full and a bit ready to crawl into bed but you can’t so you keep pushing; you can’t concentrate because your attention is fully on focusing on staying awake, so you drink a coffee; you can’t focus because that coffee would be SO MUCH BETTER with something sweet; you can’t concentrate because all of your mind is focused on WHAT KIND OF SWEETNESS it is going to get eventually; you can’t stop thinking about it and can’t concentrate anyway, so you slip out and get that perfect snack to go with your coffee, and now you must concentrate on how happy that makes you and from keeping your happy dance less excited than usual because your coworkers have no right to view the you that’s outside of work; yu…

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