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I meant what I said when I said I do

Politically Poetic

It seemed like yesterday when we stood holding hands. With loving and trembling hearts to be lawfully weds We had our share of laughter and troubling times Life has been a journey, but I have never had regrets. For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer In sickness and death Together we endure. To you, I vowed my life without hesitation Even at times when this crazy life spins ‘Cause I meant what I said when I said I do I thank God that he helped me to find you. God had a plan for this wondrous life When he brought you to be by my side When he gave you strong hands to lift me up When he blessed us with children to tighten the knot. There are days that I took more than I gave There are choices that I wouldn’t make again What tomorrow brings only…

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Published by NikkiHealsPayne

I AM Mee... I CHOOSE TO BE... Giggle Giggle 🥰

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